Setting up your organization

If you are the owner or administrator of your organization, you can register your organization. Find out how to set-up your organization space to let employees make desk reservations, in three simple steps.

1. Register your organization

Register your organization from our homepage. Enter your organization name and your details.  When you register your company, you automatically become the admin of your WorkAt.Work space. After registering you get your own URL from which you access your space, this contains your company name. For example, if you have registered the name “Your Organization”, your space-URL is “”. When you have submitted the registration form, you’ll also be redirected to your organization space. Here you sign in with the account you just created. Don’t forget to verify your account by opening the link you get in your e-mail inbox.

Register organization form on homepage

2. Add available desks

After signing in you will see an empty dashboard, because you haven’t added any content yet. In order to add desks that can be reserved by employees, we need to add your buildings, floors and rooms. That can be done quickly, go to “Manage buildings” from the left menu. Press the “New building” button, enter your building name and create it. You can do this for all the buildings your organization has.

Add a new building to your organization

Now you can add floors to your buildings. Click on the building to want to add floors to, and then press the “Add floor” button. You need to enter a floor number and enter an optional floor name. Repeat this for all floors you have rooms on in each building.

Add a floor to a building

Now you only have to add rooms with desks in it. Edit a floor on which you want to add the rooms, do this by clicking on the floor number or clicking the button with the three dots and press “Edit”. On this “Edit floor” page you can press the “New room” button to create a new room.

On this page you can enter the name for your room and create the lay-out with desks. Make sure that you do this on a desktop device, otherwise you cannot edit the lay-out of your room. In the lay-out you can drag the right-bottom corner of the room to re-size is. You can add desks, represented by green circles and you can add door. Doors are useful to add, so you have reference points in your room. After saving your room you can also edit it. Note that if you edit a room, and you delete a desk, all reservations for that desk will be lost.

Create a new room with desks

3. Invite employees

Now that you’ve added your organizations’ desks you can add employees. Your employees can make reservations for these desks. Go to the “Manage employees” page, from the left menu. Initially you will only see your own account, since you haven’t added anyone else. To do so, click the “Invite employee(s)” button. Here you can enter the e-mail address of the employee that you want to invite to your space. You can also enter multiple e-mail addresses at once by comma separating them.

Invite employees to organization

After pressing the “Invite” button, each invited person will receive an invitation e-mail. In that e-mail they get a unique link. After opening that link, they only have to enter their name and password. On the “Manage employees” page you can also see whether your employees have accepted their invitation and when they did.

Employees overview

You are now done setting up your organization space! Did you encounter any kind of issues or do you need help? Please don’t hesitate and contact us. We’ll be happy to help.