How to make a desk reservation

As an employee, there are several ways to make a reservation for your desk or workspace. In this blog you will be quickly guided through the two methods, to get you started.

1. From the room details page

After signing in to your organization space you end up on your dashboard. On the bottom, you see all buildings your organization has. Click on the building that you want to work on, then select the floor and then select the room. You are now on a details page of a room. Here you see a timeline that contains all existing reservations, the lay-out of the room, a list of all reservations and a form to add a new reservation.

Room details
Room details page

Find a desk that is available and that you want to reserve. You can press the desk from the schematic room lay-out view or select it from the drop-down menu in the “New reservation” form. Select a “From-time” and a “To-time”. If you want your reservation to repeat on any given day of the week, you can check those days under “Also repeat every”. Press the “Reserve” button to submit your reservation. If your reservation collides with another reservation, you’ll see an error message.

Make reservation from room details page
Make reservation from room details page

2. Using “Quick reservation”

When you are signed in to your organization-space, you see on the top-right, in the menu bar, a button with a plus-icon in it. Click this button, a pop-up will show up. This is the “Quick reservation” pop-up. Use this pop-up to execute search queries and directly make a reservation.

The only mandatory fields are “From time” and “To time”. Optionally, you can select your preferred building, floor and room. Press the “Search…” button to execute your search query. If this query yields any result, you see them. For each search result, you can directly press the “Reserve” button to reserve it. Or press the “View” button if you first want to see the room the desk is located in.

Use the "Quick reservation" option to search for available reservations.
Quick reservation pop-up with search results

Cancel or stop your reservation

You can always delete or cancel your reservation. Reservations that have already passed, will automatically be removed, so you won’t have to delete them manually.

One way to stop a reservation, is from the room-details page. There you see a list of all reservations in that room, on the bottom of the page. Scroll through it, find the reservation that you want to remove, and press the “Cancel” button.

Reservations in room
Cancel reservation from room details page

Alternatively, you can go to your “My reservations” page, from the left menu. Here you find an overview of all your reservations. There you also see “Cancel” buttons on your reservations.

My reservations overview
My reservations

You should now be able to make your desk reservations! If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.