How safe is my data?

We actively work on keeping your data safe. There are several ways in which we do that:

  • WorkAt.Work website monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Not sharing data

1. WorkAt.Work website monitoring

We thoroughly test our website for security vulnerabilities, to make sure other users cannot access data they should not be able to access. Furthermore, we use secured SSL-connections, secure our cookies, prevent (cross-site scripting) attacks, prevent SQL-injection, etc. There are some ways in which you can verify that, for example, if you try to access our website using http instead of https, you will automatically be redirected to the secured https website (try it out: http://workat.work/). Using Mozilla Observatory you can also verify that our website is safe to use.

We also monitor our website by analyzing our logs and traffic, for suspicious behavior. Please do note that we do not log personal or other sensitive data, even though we also don’t share our logs.

2. Server monitoring

We monitor our servers and databases to keep your data safe. We install the latest security updates, use secure connections, use secure encrypting and hashing algorithms and make sure that your data cannot be accessed by anyone else.

3. We don’t share your data

We don’t, and won’t, share or sell your data to third parties. The anonymous data that we collect through our analytics (e.g. Google Analytics), is only used by us, so we can improve our service.